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Indiana Barndominium Pros are a team of experts who specialize in custom metal building homes. We can handle any size residential or commercial job, and are known for a wide range of custom services.

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Every homeowner is different, we take pride in getting to know you and finding the your perfect solution

While many companies may claim to offer barndominium planning, we deliver quality workmanship and individualized attention that’s guaranteed to satisfy our customers. Looking for a home that’s affordable and sustainable? Custom metal building homes are the perfect blend of style and function. We can tailor the interior and exterior of any floor plan in your choice of fabric, color, and finish.

These reinforced steel homes are a sturdier alternative to wood, which means they are lower maintenance and a greener, more ecological choice. Since the components are manufactured off-site, this translates into a lower overall cost and shorter time frame to completion. Whether you’re looking for a simple rustic look or a sleeker, more modern take, barndominium floor plans offer multiple options so you can create the perfect home that works for you and your family. 

For DIYers with some construction experience, barndominium kits might be the perfect solution. Our kits are pre-cut and labeled for quick assembly, saving you time and labor. For homeowners who need a bit more guidance, our knowledgeable professionals are skilled in barndominium design and can offer expert insight. We blend your vision with our expertise to deliver your dream home.

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Building a barndominium in Indiana can take a bit more planning, but with the right experts in charge, you can be assured of quality construction. Our decades of experience in Indiana, area means our team is dedicated to serving you. Contact Indiana Barndominium Pros to schedule an appointment or get a quote!

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